I’m 36, just finished university where I qualified as a social worker. I grew up in Scotland, I knew that Tories were bad to poor people before I really knew what a Tory was. As I grew up, I recognised the difference in the way people were treated if they had money.

I got a scholarship to a private school and noticed that when we would go into town, these rich girls would walk past homeless people without even noticing. It didn’t make sense to me. I always believed that society is better when we embrace diversity, the “what if that homeless guy is the one who will discover the cure for cancer but we’ll never know because he isn’t given a chance” type stuff.

Then New Labour happened and I thought this was where society turned back into community. I was really upset when it wasn’t, I felt so disempowered that people were still dying on the streets.

Then came Jeremy Corbyn. And he represents difference. For me, he cares about people rather than lining his pocket, he has the potential to create kind societies again. He isn’t a career politician, in it to gain power and status but to actually change things. And that really excites me. I feel like I have a voice with him and people are getting involved in politics because their view actually counts.

I’m really excited about what he is going to do.