I’m 53, a self-employed teacher who also has my own business running writing retreats. I have a degree, PGCE and Master Degree but have also worked as a barmaid, bakery worker, pools marker (back in the day) and countless admin jobs.

I was born in a council house, currently live in an ex-council house, and have supported Labour all my life other than in the Blair years. I am incensed by what the PLP are doing and back Corbyn all the way. I rejoined Labour last year to get him in.

 I’m proud to be supporting Corbyn. I am self employed, and live very much hand to mouth, with no security or back up plan, and most months just enough to pay the bills and maybe treat myself to a nice meal or a day out. But I love my work and I’m not behind Corbyn because I believe he offers some miraculous solution, some get rich quick scheme that will transform my individual existence in the short term. I’m basically okay.
I’m behind him because I want our society to be okay. I want those even worse off than me to be okay. I want a country I can be proud of, with values I share. I want to be able to say I’m British, and feel proud of that, rather than just a little bit ashamed. And I am angry at the elitists of Westminster, and big business who talk about the country and its people as though they are two separate things.