I’m early 40’s ostensibly middle class although I hate class distinctions. I’m self employed, we run a village shop in Dorset. 2 kids, a dog and a cat. A perfectly ‘normal’ family.

I’ve been a socialist all my life although only recently active. I believe passionately in the environment and that we are all human first,  We need to look after this planet and each other. In that vein I am just finishing off a straw bale house I have been building for my Mum.

 I admire Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity which has been missing from mainstream politics for far too long. Politics should not be a means to create power and wealth for individuals, politicians are the people we trust the future of our country with. I would rather entrust my country, my future and my children’s future to a man who believes in equality, who respects the environment and is prepared to stand up and fight for them. Calmly and politely of course!