I never thought I would join my Union but I have and I never thought I would join the Labour Party but I have and I feel so proud of both of these decisions. I am a single parent with two children working managing what used to be a Children’s Centre but is slowly being eroded through lack of funding and ultimately lack of care.

The current destruction of our public services is criminal and I’m so tired of standing by and helplessly watching it happen. I’m ashamed of the apathetic outlook of our families who so acceptingly witness closures with a “there is no money” air, fed a insidious Tory rhetoric while our public money trickles into the palms of their rich friends.

But somehow in these dark times I find I’m tired but invigorated. Tired of the status quo but invigorated by a new way forward that Jeremy Corbyn brings. A quiet but oh so powerful leader who I believe has the power to make Britian great again- not a Farage great, but an actual great. What a relief to have a beacon of light that casts love for him on beaches and brings people together in cities!

So here I am struggling on at work and home but boy I’m backing Corbyn and if that makes me a loony leftie Corbynista then I’ve never been prouder.