I had given up on the Labour Party representing the 99% by their austerity -lite policies, pandering to racism and not addressing the needs of investing in decent jobs, housing or renationalisation of our transport or utilities.

I have watched with horror as they supported selling our children’s education through academisation, and the privatisation and marketisation of health, not forgetting the horrors of PFI . When the party choose to abstain from the Welfare Bill, it was the last straw, millions of children and families forced into greater poverty.

Then along comes Jeremy Corbyn and I was elated that finally Labour will start representing us, fighting the horrors and divisions the Tories have been inflicting on us on a daily basis.

The Brexit vote, alongside the most horrendous xenophobic and racist campaign, has unleashed the Pandora’s box. I am frightened, truly frightened by the brazen racism that has gained mainstream respectability, fuelled by a media largely controlled by¬†four non-tax paying billionaires. The dog whistle policies that some in the Labour Party are also supporting. I fear for our fragile democracy when Labour MP’s think it is more important to lose to the Tories than to have an alternative voice standing up for the 99% . I am angry and fearful, but know we must stand up for our rights and a leadership that will put people before war and corporate greed.